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What Frugal Shoppers Ought to Know About Shopping Online

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The majority of my frugal shopping adventures take place online. I love not having to fight crowds and wait in a long line to pay for my merchandise. But do you know what I love most about shopping online? The deals! Yes, folks, there really are many great sales in the cyber marketplace for the frugal shopper! In fact, many times I’ve discovered I save more money shopping online than I do shopping at brick and mortar stores.

Back when the internet was still new, shipping prices were inflated so much that most of the time it was still cheaper to shop offline. Nowadays, though, shipping and return policies are more consumer-friendly. Plus, when I factor in the high price of gas to drive into town, I discover I usually get better bargains shopping online.

Shopping the cyber marketplace for deals will take time to get the best bargains, but the time that you spend researching to find the best online deals is well worth it.

How to Score the Best Online Deals

When shopping online for the best deals, you want to compare prices. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend hours comparing prices yourself since price comparison sites have done it for you. However, it will take a little time to examine the websites to find the merchandise you’re looking for at the lowest price.

Finding the Lowest Prices on Comparison Shopping Sites:

Grab a notebook and pen.

You’ll need these for writing down the name of the merchandise you plan to buy.

Search each of the comparison shopping sites.

You want to enter the name of the product you’re going to buy into the search field. Upon reviewing the results of your search, look to see which merchant sells the item for the lowest price.

Write down the name of the merchant with the lowest price.

Also, jot down the price that the online store sells the product for. Later, you’ll refer back to this information when you start researching for deals from that merchant.

My Favorite Shopping Comparison Sites

Google Shopping

Not only can you search for a specific product or browse by category, but you can view their listings of products that have recently dropped in price. If you log in to your Google account, you also get a list of suggested products that are based on your browsing history.

Price Grabber

Search for the product you’re looking for or browse by category. After clicking a category, you can narrow your search from options to the left of the merchandise.

Researching Merchants for the Best Online Deals

Once you discover the merchant with the lowest price through comparison shopping, your next step as a frugal shopper is to find the best discounts from that merchant. There are many websites that list sales and discounts from hundreds of online retailers, and these are the places you want to conduct that research. To save you from having to scour through a number of sites such as these, I’d like to recommend Dealspotr, a favorite of mine.

Navigate Dealspotr for savings.

First, make sure you have Dealspotr open in a new tab/window. Done? Good. 😀 Now, grab your notebook again to jot down some more notes.

Enter the name of the merchant you’re looking for Into Dealspotr’s search box.

After you enter the merchant’s name, a menu should drop down, and if that store is on Dealspotr, its name will appear in the menu under stores. If the merchant is listed on Dealspotr, click on the store’s name or logo (whichever appears) to view its current deals.

Record the information for the best deals from that merchant.

The information you need to write down in your notebook is the promo code and discount information (e.g. 25% off, free shipping, etc.). Be sure to check that the deal hasn’t expired. If a deal is still there and it has expired, it will say expired.

Boost Your Savings With Cashback Shopping

Now that you have a list of the best online sales deals, you can expand your savings by joining cashback shopping sites. It’s free to join the sites, and as a member, you get back a percentage of your total purchase from the online merchant.

To ensure you get the most savings, be sure you check out all the cashback shopping sites you’re a member of. You’ll be looking for the cashback site that offers the most money back for the merchant you want to buy from. For instance, one site may offer 3.4% cashback when you shop with Walmart while the other site offers 6% cashback for shopping with Walmart from their site. Obviously, you’ll want to go with the cashback site that offers 6% back.

Since you have to use the link from the cashback site to get the cashback savings from the merchant you’re buying from, you may be wondering what the purpose of the note taking was for? It’s simple, you’ll use the coupon code for the deal you discovered at Dealspotr to save even more. Make sure you use the coupon code for the deal that offers you the biggest savings. 😉

Before you make your purchase, browse the cashback site you’re making the purchase from to see if they list a better offer than you already have. If they do, you’ll want to take advantage of their offer instead. If that’s the case, most of the time you’ll just click the link they’ve provided to get that bigger discount. By clicking that link from their site, you’ll still receive the cashback as well.

Suggested Cashback Shopping Sites

If you’re familiar with cashback shopping, you may already be a member of some cashback shopping websites. Whether you’re a member or not, here are a few of my favorites, which, of course, you may want to consider joining:

  1. Be Frugal
  2. Rakuten
  3. Extrabux
  4. Mr. Rebates
  5. My Points
  6. Swagbucks

Happy shopping and saving!

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