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How to Get Coupons by Snail Mail

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These days, there are tons of free printable and digital coupons as well as cashback apps to help you save money on groceries and household essentials. Being the frugal shopper that you are, though, you want to enjoy additional savings, right? Furthermore, what if you don’t have a printer to print coupons? No problem, you don’t have to print snail mail coupons, because they come to you via postal mail. Now that’s something worth going to your mailbox for! 😉

Even if you do get coupons online, cashback with money-saving apps and have a printer, getting snail mail coupons is a bonus that could even allow you to maximize your savings. Naturally, you’ll have to put forth some effort by requesting the snail mail coupons. However, it’s not a lot of effort. Just a minute or two to fill out a quick form or send an email is all.

Companies That Offer Snail Mail Coupons to Help You Save Money on Their Products

4C Foods: Fill out the form to get coupons for 4C products. According to their website, the coupons should arrive in your mailbox within three to four weeks.

Abreva: Enter your information in the form to receive a $1 off coupon for Abreva cream.

RedPlum: These don’t come via snail mail, but they are coupons you won’t have to print. Just enter your address to find out where you can find RedPlum coupon books in your area.

Bayer: Request a coupon for the following brand products: A&D, Afrin, Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, Bayer, Claritin, Midol and several others.

Another Way to Obtain Snail Mail Coupons

If there are certain brands that you love and buy often but don’t see them in the aforementioned list, search for the brand name on your favorite search engine to see if they have a website. If your search is successful, visit their site and look for their contact form or information. Then reach out to them and ask if they could mail you some of their coupons. Before asking for the snail mail coupons, let them know that you’ve tried and liked their products and usually buy them often.

Maybe you’re familiar with a brand but have yet to try it. No problem, you can search for those brands as well. Then when you contact the company asking for snail mail coupons, let them know you’d like to try their product(s).

In addition to products, you can search for and contact restaurants. You’d be surprised how many companies will offer you coupons to get (or keep) you as their customer.

If you know of any other websites where frugal shoppers can sign up/register to get coupons by snail mail, let me know by leaving a comment. Additionally, maybe you offer a product or service. If so, and you’re willing to mail out paper coupons for a chance to get new customers or clients, contact me with the information on how frugal shoppers can request to receive paper coupons from you. After you reach out and I get all the information I need, I’ll include your company in this resource list free of charge.

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