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Gift Registry Freebies & Discounts for Expectant Parents & Newlyweds

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Gift Registry Freebies and Discounts

Two very memorable and exciting life events are getting married to your soul mate and having a baby. To add to the excitement, friends and/or family members help you out by hosting a shower for you. While they’ll do most of the planning, it’s usually up to you to register with places you’d like shower guests to buy their gifts from.

Naturally, you’re probably so overwhelmed with getting ready for the new baby or starting your life with your soul mate that you might be considering skipping the gift registries because you just don’t have time to add what you want, right? Well, you really should reconsider, because you’ll be more likely to get the things you truly need, but the most important reason to register, and the best part of creating registries, is the gift registry freebies and discounts. I know you like freebies and discounts, because you’re here looking for ways to save money, so keep reading to discover the great freebies and discounts you can get if you take the time to sign up for the gift registries!

Amazon Gift Registry

Amazon offers freebies and discounts for newlyweds and expectant parents who create a wedding or baby registry and start adding the things they’d like to receive as gifts. Amazon’s gift registries are also universal, which means you can add gifts you want from places other than just Amazon.

Newlyweds who create an Amazon wedding registry will have 180 days from the date of delivery to return a gift that a guest bought for them. If you receive $500.00 or more in purchases from your Amazon wedding registry, Amazon will give you a special discount to use toward items left in your registry that you didn’t receive. The special discount is 20% for Amazon Prime members and 10% for non-Prime members.

Expectant parents who sign up for the Amazon baby registry will receive 365-day returns, a free welcome box (must be a Prime member) and a discount of 15% off items left in your registry.

Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Registry Freebies & Discounts

Bed Bath & Beyond offers newlyweds a 20% discount off any gifts remaining in their registry, bonus gifts if guests purchase specific items that the couple must have added to their registry, $150 in My Rewards if friends and family purchase at least $1,500 worth of gifts from the registry, plus several other great perks.

Expectant parents who create a baby registry will receive a free goody bag, 10% off anything remaining in their registry after the baby shower and a few other perks.

buybuy BABY Gift Registry

When you create a baby register with buybuy BABY, you get free shipping for the baby’s first year (exclusions apply), a free goody bag, a 15% discount to use on things you didn’t get for baby, and other benefits.

Crate & Barrel Gift Registry

Crate & Barrel offers newlyweds who create a wedding registry a 15% discount for six months after exchanging vows, expert help, a free app for alerts and managing your registry, and if you RSVP for an in-store event, you’ll receive a set of their best stemless wine glasses.

Crate & Kids Gift Registry

Soon-to-be parents who create a baby registry will receive a 15% discount to use three months before the baby shower and six months after, free expert services and other perks.

Target Gift Registry Freebies & Discounts

Start a Target wedding registry to get a discount of 15% off anything left on your registry that you didn’t get. You’ll also be able to return or exchange gifts you received for up to one year.

Expectant parents who sign up for Target’s baby registry are eligible for a welcome kit filled with coupons and handpicked samples (must pick up in the store at guest services), free registry returns for up to one year, an entire year of exclusive deals through Target Circle, and a discount of 15% off anything in addition to gifts you added to your registry but didn’t get.

Money & Time Saving Tips

When taking advantage of the gift registry completion discounts from retailers, you can save even more money by making your online purchases through one of the cashback shopping sites that you’re a member of.

I know you must be thinking that managing all those registries is going to take a lot of time and possibly leave you frustrated and pulling your hair out before it’s all said and done, right? Well, thanks to My Registry it doesn’t have to be. My Registry is free, and through your account with them, you’ll be able to manage all your gift registries in one place, which, of course, leaves you more time for all the planning you have ahead of you. šŸ˜‰

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