Discounts & Freebies for Frontline Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While most people are quarantined at home, you, my friend, are a hero, because you’re leaving your home and risking your health to work the frontlines each day. The fact that you do that is why you deserve something special.

Following is a list of discounts and freebies for frontline workers such as yourself. When I come across new special offers, I’ll update this list. To keep track of when new discounts and freebies are added, watch my newsfeeds on Facebook and Twitter.

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Free Scrubs for Frontline Workers

Careismatic Brands

The freebie: 12 to 120 units of scrubs for healthcare workers.

Restrictions for this freebie: Hospital executives must contact Careismatic Brands by email with the requested information. The email and information executives must send is specified on the company’s website (click the name of the brand above to visit the site).

When this freebie for frontline workers ends: No end date is mentioned.

Miscellaneous Freebies for Frontline Workers

Dr. Scholl’s

The freebie: Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel work insoles.

Restrictions for this freebie: According to the news release, the free Dr. Scholl’s insoles are being donated to hospitals.

When this freebie for frontline workers ends: There’s no mention of an end date.

Discounts for Frontline Workers

Amoco and BP

The discount: First responders, doctors, nurses, hospital workers, veterans, service members, teachers and even students can get 10 cents off every gallon of gas at Amoco and BP stations.

Restrictions for this discount: You must first verify your community status via to get your discount.

When this discount for frontline workers ends: No expiration date is mentioned.


The discount: If you’re a healthcare professional looking to buy a mattress, bed frame, pillow, seat cushion or bedding, Purple would like to thank you with a 10% discount offer.

Restrictions for this discount: The discount can only be used one time at Purple’s website or at a Purple retail store near you that isn’t closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, you won’t be able to combine this discount with any other offer.

When this discount for frontline workers ends: There’s no mention of an expiration date.


The discount: Medical professionals, police, firefighters and paramedics can save up to 30% off Samsung products. For additional savings, this discount can be combined with most other special offers.

Restrictions for this discount: This special discount offer is only valid for purchases made through, and it can only be applied to two products per category each year.

When this discount for frontline workers ends: It appears to be an ongoing discount.

Have you spotted any discounts and/or freebies for frontline workers that you don’t see in my list above? Please, if you have, I encourage you to mention them by commenting or contacting me so that I can add the discount(s) or freebie(s) to the list above. After all, our heroes working the front lines deserve to know about them all, right?

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