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Diabetes Freebies: Supplies, Services and More

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A variety of diabetic freebies... glucose monitors, medicine, and much more!
A variety of diabetic freebies... glucose monitors, medicine, and much more!

I know from personal experience that receiving the news that you have diabetes is upsetting, but the good news is with the proper diet and (in some cases) medication, you can manage the disease. Another downfall, though, is the cost of diabetic supplies, needed services such as eye exams, and other things for diabetics. Unfortunately, it’s one of those expenses that can’t be cut from budgets because managing diabetes is a necessity in order to keep our limbs and eyesight, as well as continue living.

Although we can’t eliminate diabetes expenses, luckily there are some diabetic freebies out there that can at least offer us or loved ones some savings. Let’s begin with the supplies needed to help manage diabetes.

Free Diabetic Supplies

Care Kits and More for New Jersey Residents

The Diabetes Foundation is offering residents of New Jersey a variety of freebies for diabetics. Those who qualify can receive care kits, test strips, sensors, glucometers, A1c testing, insulin, oral medication and more.

FreeStyle Blood Glucose Meter

FreeStyle blood glucose meters - diabetic freebies

Sign up to get a blood glucose meter from Abbott. This free meter does NOT come via postal mail. Instead, you’ll receive a voucher to redeem at a participating pharmacy near you.

Batteries for FreeStyle Meters

In addition to the free blood glucose meter from Abbott, you can get free replacement batteries for FreeStyle’s blood glucose meters.

OneTouch Verio Flex Meter

One Touch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Meter

The OneTouch meter uses technology that lets you know when your blood sugar levels are in or out of range. To set reminders and better manage your diabetes, use this meter with the OneTouch Reveal app. If you qualify to get this free blood glucose meter, you will need a prescription from your doctor.

Free Diabetic Supplies for Northern Nevada Residents

Free diabetic supplies: syringe, medication and more.

If you’re a diabetic living in Northern Nevada and have a low income, you can get free diabetic supplies every month from the CARE Chest diabetic supplies program. The diabetic supplies include blood glucose monitors, syringes, lancets and test strips. The program also helps with medicine and medical equipment.

Free Diabetes Medication

Farxiga (Dapagliflozin)

Pharmacy card for Farxiga, free diabetes medication.

Patients who are commercially insured, uninsured or whose insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost of Farxiga may be eligible to get this diabetic medicine at no cost. For qualifications and other details, visit the company’s website.

Gvoke (Glucagon Injection)

Free diabetes medication: Gvoke

Adults and children (2 or older) who have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia may qualify to receive a Gvoke copay savings card for zero out-of-pocket expenses. The Gvoke HypoPen™ is a premixed autoinjector with no visible needle. Since this HypoPen™ already has the medicine in it, responding to a diabetic emergency will be fast.

Lilly Medication

The Lilly Cares Foundation helps provide free diabetic Eli Lilly and Company medications to those who meet their qualification guidelines. There’s a list of over 30 medications that are covered, some of which include Alimta, Baqsimi nasal powder, Basaglar, Cialis, Cymbalta, Cyramza, Emgality, Erbitux, Evista, Forteo, Glucagon and Humulin.

Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation (JJPAF)

Everyone who is accepted into the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistant program will receive some prescription medication free for the entire year and be able to reapply annually. Medications can be picked up at your doctor’s office, local as well as mail-order pharmacies or shipped free to your mailbox (depending on the medicine).

Novo Nordisk

You or someone you’re a caregiver for could receive Novo Nordisk insulin at no cost through the Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Program (PAP). If you live in the United States and are uninsured, have an income that is at or below 400% of the federal poverty level or have Medicare, you’ll probably qualify for this program.

Sanofi Medication

The Sanofi Patient Assistant Connection gives diabetics who qualify for the program certain Sanofi brand medicine at no cost. If you’re approved, the medication will be shipped to you or your loved one’s healthcare provider. Learn more by exploring Sanofi’s website.


Free diabetes medication: Bydureon Bcise

This non-insulin medication for type 2 diabetics eliminates the need to adjust a dial and insert a needle. It’s also easier to use and contains a single dose of medication that works for up to seven days. All you have to do is meet the requirements for the BYDUREON Savings Card in order to get this free diabetes medication.

Diabetes Freebies: Services

Glaucoma Eye Exam for Uninsured Diabetics

If you’re uninsured and haven’t seen an ophthalmologist in a year or more, EyeCare America has a program that offers a free glaucoma eye exam. Keep in mind, they won’t write prescriptions for or cover the cost of glasses.

Medical Care

The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics has 1,200 medical clinics across the United States. These clinics offer free and low-cost healthcare to those who may not have health insurance, are underinsured and/or are low income. You can do a quick search on their website to see if there’s a clinic near you. Just enter your city and state or zipcode in the address field. Then select the number of miles you’re willing to travel to receive healthcare.

Eye Exams and Glasses

The diabetes freebies from OneSight Vision Care Clinics include free eye exams and glasses to adults and children, worldwide. To learn more about them and get additional information, head to OneSight.

Cataract Surgery

Mission Cataract USA helps anyone who has poor vision as a result of cataracts. To qualify for the free cataract surgery, your glasses must not be correcting the problem, and as a result, it’s affecting your activities of daily living. Also, you must have no way of paying for the surgery, so if you have Medicare, Medicaid or third party insurance coverage, you won’t meet the qualifications.

Operation Sight, through ASCRS, is another organization with surgeons who donate their time to perform free cataract surgery. Unlike Mission Cataract USA, you can have insurance but you must be underinsured, which means your insurance won’t cover the cataract surgery. Also, your income must be low. The ASCRS website provides further details about the program as well as eligibility information.

Other Diabetes Freebies to Save Even More Money

Alert Necklace

Medical alert necklace - freebie for diabetics

If you’re ever in an emergency situation where you’re unconscious or unable to speak, the free diabetes alert necklace from the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation could save your life. Well, this one isn’t 100% free, but the only cost is a self-addressed stamped envelope, which is a very small price when it comes to something that could save your life, right?

Truvia Sweetener

Sample packets of Truvia sweetener and a $2 off coupon.

Part of being a diabetic is giving up sugar and replacing it with sweeteners. When it comes to choosing a sweetener you like, sometimes that can take a little time as you try out different brands. If you’re still looking for a brand or would just like to sample a new one, Truvia is giving away two free single-serve packets of their natural sweetener, along with a $1.00-off coupon for any of their products.

I hope this list of diabetes freebies helps you get the things you can’t afford, so you can manage your diabetes. I’ll keep watching for more free diabetic supplies, services and products. When I discover more freebies for diabetics, I’ll be sure to update this article and announce the update in my newsletter as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you know of any diabetes freebies that aren’t mentioned above? Please share them in the comments area below.

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