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About Living Frugally

Living Frugally Mascot - Super Dolla loves to save money too!

Super Dolla is Living Frugally’s mascot. Like you, she loves to save money!

Having a passion for helping others is what inspired me to create and launch this website. Throughout the site you’ll discover financial planning advice, frugal business advicemoney-saving tipsdealsfreebiesprintable coupons, ways to earn extra money and much more!

The Reason I Know How to Live a Frugal Life

Now that you know more about this site, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Misti Sandefur, founder of Living Frugally.

Before my husband and I moved from our bricks and sticks home into a 28 foot Aerolite camper, we raised our blended family of five children:  his son and daughter as well as my two sons and daughter. Then our household size increased to eight when my dad was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia.

Before my father passed away from cancer in February 2013 and all but two of the kids moved out, my husband and I struggled to support a household of eight. I learned quite a bit more about saving and managing money. As you can imagine, with eight of us under one roof, it wasn’t easy financially, but I became even more thrifty and discovered additional ways to save and manage money. I was even able to create a household budget. My simple monthly budget gave us a little extra spending money from each paycheck, helped us pay off debts, and we were even able to start a savings account for emergencies.

Although the kids have all grown up and moved out, my husband and I sometimes still have hard times. It’s okay, though, because first and foremost, God takes care of us. Secondly, I still have my same budget plan that I follow and am always looking for the best deals and freebies. Furthermore, I’ve learned so much over the years that in 2018 I improved my credit score.  My credit score was below 600 for a long time, but in just a few months I was able to get it to over 700! Yes, I’m bragging, but I’m very proud of that accomplishment, and I’m sure you would be as well, right?

As the saying goes, “you learn something new everyday.” That being said, I’m still learning and will share the exciting ways to save and manage money with you.

What I Do for a Living

In addition to managing Living Frugally, I write content for SEO companies, entrepreneurs, magazines and others in need of quality content from a dependable, professional and dedicated writer. My main areas of expertise include frugal living, caregiving/elderly care, parenting, small business, blogging, social media, inspirational fiction, travel guides, inspiring human interest stories and marketing.

If you or someone you know is in need of compelling content, I’d be happy to help. In fact, I offer new clients a discount of 10% off their first order! To take advantage of my special offer, just mention SNNEW when contacting me about my freelance writing services.

When I’m not busy working on clients’ projects, I also pen Christian fiction novels. Currently, I’m rewriting Help From Above, and once I finish the rewrite, I’ll be making it available to everyone as a FREE download. Then when that’s complete, I’ll begin writing Spiritual Journey, which will be book one in my Acts of Kindness series.

My Hope for You

I hope this introduction inspires you to explore Living Frugally and come back often. I can only pray that the information you discover within helps you save as much money as you can.

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