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A variety of diabetic freebies... glucose monitors, medicine, and much more!

Diabetes Freebies: Supplies, Services and More!
I know from personal experience that receiving the news that you have diabetes is upsetting, but the good news is with the proper diet and (in some cases) medication, you can manage the disease. Another downfall, though, is the cost of diabetic supplies, needed services such as eye exams, and other things for diabetics. Unfortunately, it’s one of those expenses that can’t be cut from budgets because managing diabetes is a necessity in order to keep our limbs and eyesight, as well as continue living. Read More >>

A variety of foods with a "birthday freebies" balloon in the center and a party favors background.

Restaurants That Give You Free Food on Your Birthday
How does amazing free food on your birthday sound? To help make your special day a great one, I rounded up 11 great restaurants that are dishing out birthday freebies, because nothing makes you feel appreciated quite like friendly staff offering you special treatment and delicious free food on your big day. Read More >>

Pile of stacked coupons - maximize your savings by stacking coupons.

Maximize Your Savings by Stacking Coupons at These Online Stores
Out of all the ways to save money, stacking coupons is my favorite! The savings really adds up with this money-saving method. Last year, in fact, I got $40 worth of clothes from Schoola free. Yes, I really got it ALL free and was able to do it by combining Schoola credits and discounts! Read More >>

Aisle in a thrift store for online thrift store shopping article.

Go-to Guide for Online Thrift Store Shopping
As a frugal shopper, you probably visit a lot of thrift stores in your area, and there is probably times when you don’t feel like getting out of the house. During the times when you prefer to say home, online thrift store shopping is the way to go. Yes, that’s right, you can get your thrift store fix without leaving home! Read More >>

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