See How Easily You Can Save Money & Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Just for Sharing Deals

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Save Money & Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Do you spend hours scouring the internet, local ads, social media and anywhere else you can think of for great deals to save money? What if you could cut down on the time you spend hunting for deals and even earn FREE Amazon gift cards for sharing deals? The good news is I discovered a website that lets you do just that, and today I'm going to introduce you to what I think is the greatest real-time deal sharing site I've stumbled upon thus far!

Since I found Dealspotr, the time I spend searching for the best online deals has decreased quite a bit. In fact, Dealspotr is pretty much the only place I go now when I'm looking for great deals that help me save money, and the reason for that is because I'm able to personalize "my feed" to fit my interests as well as earn FREE Amazon gift cards (more on that later in this article).

The two things I hated the most about searching for deals before was the expired promo codes and the wasted time scrolling through deals I had no interest in. Now, I no longer have that problem.

The Quickest Way to Finding the Best Deals to Help You Save Money

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a free Dealspotr membership. Once there, click "join" located at the top right of the site. Note, if you're a blogger, you should definitely join as an influencer for more perks, which requires you to go to a different link. I'll explain the influencer benefits and instructions for that special membership in a few more minutes. But for now let's focus on how frugal shoppers can sign up.

Save Money at Dealspotr
For all you frugal shoppers, you can join using your Facebook, or if you're like me and prefer not to give the Facebook permissions, you can join by filling out the form located under the "connect with Facebook" button. When registering, if you click the link in the paragraph above this one to join, or use the promo code LIVINGFRUGALLY, you'll get 5,000 points instead of the usual 2,000, but to get the 5,000 points you MUST complete your new user checklist and post your first valid deal. You'll learn more about the point system and what it's for farther down in this article.

Save Money at Dealspotr
If you're a blogger and want to join as an influencer for the additional perks, you'll need to click this link to join, and then enter the following influencer access code: WjauENON (the code is case sensitive, so you must enter it exactly as shown, with uppercase and lowercase letters). As an influencer, you'll get 15,000 points after you reach "silver status."

Save Money at Dealspotr
Your next step is to confirm your email address. The email will come from If you don't see that email in your inbox, check your spam folder. As soon as you find and open the email, there will be a link inside for you to click on to activate your Dealspotr account.

After you activate your account by clicking on the link in the email from Dealspotr, you'll start personalizing your Dealspotr feed. First, you'll select three interests by clicking on the images. Deals related to the interests you select will appear in your feed everytime you login to your Dealspotr account and click "my feed." Later, you can add more interests and remove interests you previously added by subscribing and unsubscribing.

Save Money at Dealspotr - Personalize Your Feed
Your final step to setting up your Dealspotr account requires you to select three brands. The suggested brands will depend on the interests you chose in the previous step. However, just like with the interests, at any time you'll be able to subscribe to new brands and unsubscribe from brands you're no longer interested in seeing deals for.

Save Money at Dealspotr - Stores

Using Dealspotr to Save Money

Congratulations, you're finally a member of Dealspotr!

Before you can start looking for those great deals that will help you save money, just a little more patience is required while you wait for Dealspotr to generate your feed with the interests and brands you just chose. It may take a few minutes, but once the generating is complete, your feed will be loaded with lots of deals based on your interests (see the image below of my feed as an example).

Save Money at Dealspotr - Personalized Feed
If you joined as an influencer and want to reach "silver status" to receive your 15,000 points (enough to get your first free Amazon gift card), click on the picture icon at the top right. Then click "influencer tools" from the drop down menu.

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Sharing Deals
Soon after you've completed those steps, you should see the statues on the left side of the page. Find "silver status" and follow the instructions listed in that box "to unlock" the "silver status."

Finally, you're ready for the exciting part of saving money! To view deals of interest to you, scroll through your personalized feed. To view more deals, click the "discover deals" link to the left of the "my feeds" link. You can also search for deals using the search bar or using other methods shown in the image below.

Search Deals to Save Money at Dealspotr
Looking for deals at Dealspotr really is simple and less time consuming than visiting several different deals sites and searching the web. There are several thousand online and in-store deals from over 50,000 merchants!

Scoring FREE Amazon Gift Cards With Dealspotr

You may have already noticed by now that Dealspotr is run by a community who also loves to save money! Additionally, they enjoy sharing deals they've discovered outside of Dealspotr, and as a reward for sharing and being active on Dealspotr, they earn points that can be exchanged for $10 Amazon Gift cards.

If you want to start earning points for Amazon gift cards, you may do so by adding deals, editing deals that's already been added, completing the daily checklist and referring others who love saving money. Points can add up rather quickly as you become more active. To learn how to become more active, read the information on Dealspotr's website. There is lots of useful information that will help you become more familiar with how things work. Trust me, it's well worth your time. 😀

Bloggers who join as an influencer get additional perks such as cash in their PayPal account rather than Amazon gift cards (must reach "gold status"), access to paid writing opportunities on the Dealspotr blog (contact Dealspotr for details), a link to their blog from the influencer directory, opportunities to co-host monthly giveaways to help boost their blog's traffic, double points for every new deal they post, and double commissions as well as an exclusive up-front fee on their referrals.

I've been a Dealspotr influencer since August 2016, and four months after joining, I earned my first free Amazon gift card! I could've earned my gift card sooner, but I spent a little extra time getting familiar with the site and looking for deals to help me save money. Since I studied the site and am more active, my points add up faster. In my opinion, Dealspotr is a whole lot better and more exciting than the GPT sites! I still do surveys on those sites to earn even more free gift cards and cash in my PayPal account, but I don't enjoy them near as much as I do Dealspotr. Go ahead and explore Dealspotr more, and I'm pretty sure you'll love it just as much as I do, if not more.

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