Maximize Your Savings by Stacking Coupons at These Online Stores

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Maximize Your Savings by Stacking Coupons

Out of all the ways to save money, stacking coupons is my favorite! The savings really adds up with this money-saving method. Last year, in fact, I got $40 worth of clothes from an online thrift store (Schoola) free. Yes, I really got it ALL free and was able to do it by combining Schoola credits and discounts!

Being able to maximize your savings when shopping online is exciting, no doubt. Unfortunately, though, there's a limited number of online stores that offer the stacking coupons option during checkout. After quite a bit of searching, I discovered 10 online stores, which I'm now sharing with you.

Online Stores to Maximize Your Savings by Stacking Coupons


Stacking Coupons to Maximize Savings at Amazon

You can stack an unlimited amount of coupons when ordering from Amazon. Before entering the codes during checkout, be sure to check each coupon for any restrictions that may apply.


Stacking Coupons at CVS

You're only allowed two coupons per order at CVS, and it has to be a sitewide percentage off and a coupon for a specific item.

Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta (all owned by Gap, Inc.)

Stacking Coupons at Old Navy

These online stores allows you to stack a maximum of five coupons. If you have problems stacking the coupons during checkout, you may have to use a combination of a dollar off with a percentage off.

Since these stores are what they call "sister" sites, you can use the coupon codes from one site on another. For example, you can use an Old Navy coupon at Gap, Banana Republic or Athleta.


Kohl's - Stacking Coupons

Stacking coupons at Kohl's only works when shopping on your desktop. If you're shopping from your mobile device, you won't be able to maximize your savings by stacking coupons at Kohl's.


Stacking Coupons at Newegg

Newegg allows you to add as many coupon codes to your online order as you'd like just as long as you use only one coupon code per item. For instance, you can use five coupon codes, but you MUST be buying at least five products.

In addition to coupon codes, you can get cash back by mailing in rebate forms from select Newegg products. If there's a mail-in rebate on a product you plan to buy, Newegg will include a link to the rebate form under the product's price.


Stacking Coupons at Schoola

After browsing Schoola's website, I found no mention of a limit when stacking coupons during checkout. However, I know they allow you to stack coupons, so if they do have a limit and you reach it, I'm sure it will alert you.


Stack Coupons at Sears to Maximize Your Savings

As long as the coupons aren't the same (e.g. two percent off, two dollar off, etc.), Sears will let you stack an unlimited number of coupons.


Stacking Coupons at Snapfish to Save on Photos

Snapfish allows coupon stacking if you're ordering multiple items. In other words, you can only use one coupon code per item.


Stacking Coupons at Target's online Store

After browsing Target's website I couldn't find any exclusions when it comes to stacking coupons in their cart, but they do allow you to use more than one coupon code during checkout. If there are limits to how many you can redeem at one time or any other exclusions, I'm sure their cart will alert you.

Victoria's Secret

Stacking Coupons at Victoria's Secret

You're allowed a maximum of three coupon codes when shopping at Victoria's Secret. Before you redeem any online coupon offers from Victoria's Secret, make sure you read the exclusions and qualifications of each offer.

In addition to stacking coupons at the aforementioned online stores, you can maximize your savings even more when you visit the store from a cashback shopping site such as Ebates, My Points or Swagbucks. Before making the choice of which cashback shopping site you're going to shop from, compare their rebates and select the site that offers the biggest cashback rebate.

Happy shopping and saving!

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