How I Get Over $300 of Free Money Every Month

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Free Money From GPT Sites

Money may not grow on trees, but I came up with a simple strategy that allows me to get a little over $300 of FREE money every month. What's even more exciting is I earn even more by simply spending the free money!

The good news is I'm going to share my strategy with you. Then all you have to do is implement the same plan so you, too, can enjoy a little extra spending money month after month. Sound like something you'd like to do? Keep reading for the 411.

Complete Tasks and Offers on Get Paid To (GPT) Sites

You may already be familiar with sites that pay you to watch videos, take surveys, sign up for special offers, view ads and more, but maybe you've not earned enough to redeem your reward yet. Or perhaps you got tired of wasting your time GPT sites for such a small reward. Well, that's why I've decided to share my method with you.

Set a Daily Goal to Avoid GPT Site Burnout

The way I approach GPT sites is by setting a daily goal of 50 for each site that I'm a member of. In addition to setting a daily goal, I take breaks from each GPT site. The way I do this is rather than going from one site to the next, I'll meet my daily goal on two of the GPT sites then take a break and return later to do two more. I repeat this approach until I've met my daily goal for each site that I'm a member of. This is so much easier, I don't tire as quickly and I spend less time on the GPT sites.

Best Way to Meet Your Daily Goal Without Too Much Boredom

Watching the videos and doing the other activities on GPT sites for small reward points can become boring real fast, and it can take more time to meet the daily goal for just one GPT site. This is why I choose to do the surveys. Most of the time the surveys don't take near as much time, and with the bigger point reward, you only have to complete one survey worth 50 or more points to meet your daily goal. In fact, if you qualify for and complete a survey worth more than 50 points, you'll exceed your daily goal and earn extra free money.

When I first started with GPT sites a few years ago, I didn't think the surveys were worth my time. It seemed like you never qualified. However, over time, I've discovered qualifying for the surveys has gotten better. It can still take a little bit of time to qualify for and complete a survey, but it's not as bad as it use to be, and after you do so many, you learn how to get through them quickly and qualify for more.

Join What I Think are the Best GPT Sites

Following are the six GPT sites I'm a member of and recommend. I'm including how much you'll earn each month using the same daily goal as I do.

Swagbucks: Out of all the GPT sites Swagbucks is my favorite! If you watch their blog, they offer extra earning opportunities to help you reach your goal quicker, or if you choose, you can exceed your goal for extra free money. Some of their extra opportunities include team challenges and Swago. In addition, they give monthly bonuses that go as high as 300 swagbucks (points). In my opinion, those extras really make Swagbucks a fun GPT site.

Join through my link above to get a sign-up bonus of 150 swagbucks, which will exceed your goal for today.

Total Monthly Earnings for January, March, May, July, August, October & December: $15
Total Monthly Earnings for April, June, September & November: $15
Total Monthly Earnings for February: $13

My Points

Total Monthly Earnings for January, March, May, July, August, October & December: $10
Total Monthly Earnings for April, June, September & November: $10
Total Monthly Earnings for February: $10

Prize Rebel: After you join Prize Rebel, go to the surveys section and complete the 85-point "your surveys." By completing "your surveys," you'll increase your chances of qualifying for surveys that Prize Rebel will recommend for you, and you'll meet the 50 point goal for your first day.

Total Monthly Earnings for January, March, May, July, August, October & December: $15 (Can choose Paypal, so you can spend it wherever you like).
Total Monthly Earnings for April, June, September & November: $15 (Can choose Paypal, so you can spend it wherever you like).
Total Monthly Earnings for February: $14 (Recommendation: choose the $10 Paypal reward and two $2 Amazon gift cards).

These last two GPT sites allows you to earn actual money as well as points. You can convert your points to cash and cash to points. I choose to do the activities that offer actual money instead of rewards. If you decide to do the same as I do, you'll need to set a daily goal of $5.00 for both of these sites to get the monthly earnings mentioned below.

Rewarding Ways: If you have your reward sent to your Paypal account, Rewarding Ways charges a 2% fee.

Sign up using my link above to get a $.20 sign-up bonus.

Total Monthly Earnings for January, March, May, July, August, October & December: $151.90 (after the 2% fee)
Total Monthly Earnings for April, June, September & November: $147 (after the 2% fee)
Total Monthly Earnings for February: $137.20 (after the 2% fee)

Send Earnings: Sign up using the link from this web page and you'll get a $5 sign-up bonus, which means you'll meet your daily goal for today. 😉

Total Monthly Earnings for January, March, May, July, August, October & December: $155
Total Monthly Earnings for April, June, September & November: $150
Total Monthly Earnings for February: $140

Beware of These Pitfalls on GPT Sites

I learned pretty quickly most of the downloads aren't safe for your computer or smartphone. They usually contain viruses, adware and/or spyware. Some may be safe, but I no longer take chances with any of them. The points or cash they offer just isn't worth the risk to me when there are many other activities to choose from.

Some of the free offers on GPT sites only reward once, so try to remember the offers you sign up for because you'll only receive points or cash for them one time. It will usually state if it's a one-time offer. If your memory is anything like mine, keep a list of the name of the offers you signed up for on your computer or in a nearby notebook. Putting that list in alphabetical order helps you refer to it quicker. 🙂 Also keep in mind, may GPT sites include the same offers.

If your browser has any pop-up blockers such as Adblock Plus, Disconnect or another pop-up blocker, be sure you temporarily disable them while you're on the GPT sites. If you don't disable them and complete an activity, you may not get your points or cash for that activity due to the pop-up blocker(s) interfering.

Crowdflower tasks sometimes require knowledge and can be difficult, but the biggest thing to really be aware of is you're sometimes graded on the tasks you perform, and if you receive a failing grade, you won't get the promised points or cash. Honestly, I've heard the grading is fair and the tasks usually aren't worth the reward, so it's probably best to avoid the tasks activities on GPT sites.

Think Sensibly When Using GPT Sites

While most GPT sites offer a variety of earning activities, we have to use common sense to determine which of those activities are worth our time and will be the most beneficial to us. Based on my own experience with GPT sites, I think watching the videos is the biggest time waster. With most of the sites, you have to watch a certain number of videos just to earn two or three points. It's just discouraging, to say the least.

Create one or two email accounts using Gmail, so your personal and/or business email accounts aren't filled with spam. I have two Gmail accounts: one for just spam (use when signing up for those offers) and one for only my reward and cashback memberships.

Get a Google Voice number for the offers that require a phone number when signing up. Unfortunately, many of those sign-up offers ask for and require you to enter a valid phone number, so they can bombard you with those annoying telemarketing calls or phone surveys. I use to enter 000-000-0000 in the phone number field, but lately it seems most forms no longer accept that, but they do recognize the Google Voice number as a valid number. 😉

If you'd rather spend less time on the GPT sites and don't want to do the surveys, you could go for the bigger points. The sign-up offers that usually give the bigger points are free trial offers, but they require a credit card, and I'm sure you don't like giving that information out to just anyone. Plus, if you forget to cancel after the trial ends, you could end up in serious debt with all the charges to your card. If you do decide to sign up for some of the trial offers, the best alternative is a prepaid card with just a little money (the minimum) on it. Choose a prepaid card with no monthly or annual fees. Also, to help you remember when to cancel, you can use a free reminder service.

Score More Free Money While Spending What You Already Have

Remember at the beginning of this article when I said you could earn even more by simply spending the free money you get from GPT sites? Well, the best way to earn a little more free money is from cashback sites. You can do this through the GPT sites too, but when it comes to getting cash back for my purchases, I use and recommend Ebates.

Cashback sites such as eBates also list special offers and coupons from each merchant to help you save money.

If you join eBates from my link above, you'll get $10 FREE, after your first cashback shopping trip.

Once you're done shopping, you can use your cashback earnings for more gifts, and when you buy those gifts from a merchant at eBates or another cashback site, once again you'll earn cash back, which you can use for even more gifts if the total cashback you earned is enough.

The minimum to earn for a payout from eBates is $5.01, and they send the payment every three months. Their payment options are a check by mail or Paypal. So far I've earned over $30 cashback from eBates, and most of that was during my Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping adventures.

Spend Your Free Money From GPT Sites Wisely

Christmas gifts. Christmas shouldn't be stressful, but many families struggle to buy Christmas gifts each year. With this free money, the struggle could be over.

Products to giveaway. Build your Facebook page, website or blog traffic, or your Twitter followers by having giveaway contests. With this amount of free money, your giveaway products(s) could be awesome!

Gifts for other occasions: Is someone you care about having a birthday, getting married or having a baby? These are just a few occasions where a gift might be required.

Personal shopping spree: Everyone deserves to treat themselves to something nice every now and then, right? 😉

Gifts for your valued clients or customers: If you have clients or customers that you value because of their frequent business, show them your appreciation with a gift.

Put the money in a savings account: It's always nice to have a little money saved up just in case of an emergency. That being said, start a savings account or add more money to the one you already have.

Pay off some debts: Relieve some stress by paying off a medical bill, loan or other debt.

Invest the free money: If you invest or have ever considered it, use some or all of what you earn through GPT sites. Since it was basically free money, if you lose it, it won't hurt near as bad.

Happy earning and shopping!

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