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About Living Frugally

Welcome! Living Frugally was created to help families and small business owners save money. Throughout the site you’ll discover debt reduction advice, frugal business advice, tips for frugal shoppers, deals, freebies and printable coupons! If any of the advice I share helps you in some way, I invite you to let me know what articles helped you and how.

The Reason I Know How to Live a Frugal Life

Family Photo

This is just part of my large family. The ones missing are my stepson, the grandchildren and our beloved animals. Hopefully, one day soon, I can get a family photo with all of us and update this picture.

Now that you know more about this site, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Misti Sandefur, founder of Living Frugally. I reside in Southern Illinois with my husband, and together, as a blended family, we share five adult children: his son and daughter as well as my two sons and daughter. Thanks to my youngest son and daughter (the oldest) we also have four granddaughters and two grandsons. Finally, there's our beloved animals, who are also family: one pomeranian, a redbone coonhound, my stepdaughter’s sheltie and six sugar gliders. With such a large family to support, you can see why I’m always on the lookout for bargains and freebies. 😉

I’ve been a frugal mom, wife and small business owner for quite a few years now, so I’ve learned a lot about saving and managing money.

Before my father passed away from cancer on February 19, 2013 and all but two of the kids moved out, my husband and I struggled to support a household of eight. Now, I've always been the frugal type, but when dad got sick and moved in with us and the kids so I could take care of him, I learned quite a bit more about saving and managing money. Heck, with eight of us under one roof, it wasn't easy financially, but we managed.

Since I have a passion for helping others, I decided to share what I know as well as what I’ll continue to learn from other frugal families and small business owners. Having that passion is what inspired me to create and launch this website. I can only pray that the information you discover within helps you save as much money as you can.

What I Do for a Living

In addition to managing Living Frugally, I write content for SEO companies, entrepreneurs, magazines and others in need of quality content from a dependable, professional and dedicated writer. Although I write on many topics, my main areas of expertise includes frugal living, caregiving/elderly care, parenting, small business, blogging, social media, inspirational fiction, travel guides, inspiring human interest stories and marketing.

If you need compelling content on one or more of the aforementioned topics for your website, blog or publication, I’d be happy to help you. In fact, I offer new clients a discount of 10% off their first order! To take advantage of my special offer, just mention SNNEW when contacting me about my freelance writing services. Or if you order from my writing services website, enter SNNEW in the shopping cart during checkout.

When I'm not busy working on clients' projects, I also pen Christian novels. Currently, I'm rewriting Help From Above, and once I finish the rewrite, I'll be making it available to everyone as a FREE download. Then when that's complete, I'll be spending my time writing Spiritual Journey, which will be book one in my Acts of Kindness series.

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